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Challenge #8 | Create special moments with your children

Create special moments with your children

Since we and our children are sitting in front of the screen too much at the moment and are already dizzy with all the home office and home schooling, I would like to propose a special challenge with your children for the weekend:

Create special moments with your children

The Challenge is very easy and suitable for children from 5-12 years. Simply print out the free Special Moments PDF and cut out the different cards.

Then sit down comfortably at the living room table in the evening or, in good weather, on the balcony or in the park and ask the questions on the cards in turn. What we have experienced at home through this game is that we have talked about completely different things in this Corona-overlaid time and have made room for new thoughts.

Just give it a try! And as an additional creative exercise, each child can make up 4-5 cards with questions and ask them to your parents.

To the special moment PDF

Have a nice weekend with special moments!

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